PhD and MS students

Aditya Anupam
PhD Student

PhD Research: “Science Learning Media”

Christina Bui
MS Student in Digital Media

MS Project: Heart Sense

Shubhangi Gupta
MS Student in Digital Media

MS Project: Smart Cities

Former Thesis Advisees

Brooke Bosley

MS Project: “Retelling: An Interactive Afrofuturistic Map”

Horyun Song

MS Project: “Untangling the Perception of Sex Difference in Biological Research”

Nick Tippens
2016-2018 | Winner of 2018 Best Digital Media MS Project Award

MS Project: “Came from Nothing: An Interactive Documentary"

Lorina Navarro
2015-2017 | Winner of 2017 4S Making and Doing award

MS Project: “Our Driverless Futures: Speculating Ethical Dilemmas of Self-Driving Cars”

Xiaoxue Zhang

MS Project: “Health Inequity in Atlanta”


Yasmin Amer

MS Project: “Sweet Auburn: Using Locative Mobile Media to Share Stories from Atlanta’s Historic District”

Megan Hamilton

MS Project: “Designing for Conversation: A Digital Decision Aid for Diabetes Medication Choice”

Michelle Partogi
2014-2016 | Winner of 2016 Best Digital Media MS Thesis Award

MS Project: “Our AIMS: Changing Organizational Culture through Co-Design”


Tanisha Wagh

MS Project: “An Interactive Journey through Modern Physics”


Rose Peng

MS Project: “Atlanta Beltline Exploration App”


Govind Lingam

MS Project: “Ambient Skyscapes: An Ambient Weather Installation”

Iris Sun

MS Project: “Who Said it How (A Visual Analysis of Wendy Davis’s Filibuster News Coverage)”

Rachel Miles

MS Project: “StoryCar: Connecting Atlanta's Past with the Present”